I was very pleased with the professionalism, the cleanliness and the honesty of the personnel from Greasys Garage.  My car went in as clean as it came out and I was not presented with unnecessary extras and/or costs.


Found an Awesome MINI Mechanic in MA
I have 75,000 miles on my MINI and it needed some of the usual work done.

Contol Arm Bushings were shot ( AND Most are after 60,000 miles, you just dont remember how good it handled on day of delivery )
Seeping oil pan gasket
Seeping Main Bearing Seal
Main Bearing Pulley Was rotted, upgraded to lighter/stock 06′ Pulley.
Pulley Tensioner needed replacing
Pulley Tensioner stop needed to be installed

I also had a JCW exhaust system to install, and the M7 DFIC set up.

I don’t have to tell ya how hard it is to find a good mechanic. This shop recently opened in Worcester Massachusetts is centrally located, near major routes of travel. It is very clean, and honest operation. The owner owns and drives a MCS as his daily driver, and his wife races her Mini in Auto-X here in MA. I found him to be a meticulously neat mechanic who took every precaution to make sure my MINI was fixed properly. He even vacuums your car and sends you out the door with a car wash. Basically he treats every MINI that comes in there just like it was his own.

It seems as though others have found Greasy’s Garage. I have been going to Pete for a few years now. My 2006 MCS wouldn’t be the same without him.
It’s awesome to have a mechanic you can trust. Not only does he do regular service work and repairs, but he is “THE PIMP” when it comes to MODS!!!!!!!!

Greasy’s Garage has a great vibe. I’ve met alot of MassMotoringClub members there. It’s definitely worth the drive to Greasy’sGarage. People come from all over just to visit. You should check them out!

Pete is the best! I’m lucky to have him an hour up the road.


I highly recommend Greasy’s as the “GO TO” for any of your service needs. Thom is super accommodating and is always a pleasure to communicate with. Pete is ‘Top Notch” as mechanics go and just a good guy. He is always trying to find the most efficient and cost effective methods to address the specific needs of each customer. I have had my share of “ bad experiences”, Greasy’s is the benchmark for how a shop should be. No pressure, up-selling or fabricated consultations. Simply a skilled mechanic who wants to provide the best service to assure customer satisfaction and years of safe, enjoyable driving.