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Awww RATS!

Imagine, you get into your MINI for an enjoyable day of riding through some twisties, you turn on your heater, and your attention is suddenly nabbed.

Whats that SMELL?! Awww rats! It’s rodents! You’ve got mice all up in your MINI!

Open your windows, shut off the heat and off to the garage you go. Your technician then proceeds to pull your cabin filter out revealing a nest ! You see it and say, “oh my, how long have they been in here? How did they get in? I keep my car in a garage!”

Little do you know, there’s an open highway in your MINI for the mice to access a nice home. Under your battery is where the air intake for the heating/cooling system. There’s no protection against any kind of rodent infestation. They can go in and out at their leisure and explore all the open cavities in your car! (and there are more than you think!)

All the while chewing on wiring and insulation, urinating wherever they go. Lovely.

Unless a mouse dies in your car, the smell usually noticed is urine. Mice urinate and defecate indiscriminately, producing up to 80 tiny droppings per day, thus contaminating the areas in which they live. Mice are particularly implicated in the spread of diseases such as salmonellosis. They can cause extensive damage to property by gnawing through a wide range of materials.

Greasy’s Garage took in a Countryman that was victim to a recent infestation in multiple places in the car.

First things first, we closed down the mouse “road”. We started by taking a section of aluminium screen, some 1/2 inch self tapping screws and some strip caulk.

We removed the battery and battery box. Then, we cut the screen to a close size and put a double strip of the strip caulk around the area and applied the screen to it. The screen sticks into the strip caulk holding it in place. Next, we screwed the screen into the body, putting extras on the angles to ensure proper sealing. We don’t want any of those little buggers sneaking through!

After our screen was all screwed in, we cut it to match the profile of the hole with a razor blade, covered all of the edges with strip caulk and covered the screws with it also to help prevent rust.

Next, we focused on cleaning and repairing damage, starting on the areas where the smells were emanating from. We started in the right rear of the car. After removing the interior, we used a boroscope to check all the cavities in the back to make sure there were no bodies. Luckily, we didn’t find any!

We did however find urine and droppings after our thorough search. We cleaned the area and soaked it with a product called “Natures Miracle” . After the Natures Miracle had a chance to do it’s work, we deodorized the area with SuperCool odor eliminator for good measure. The other place where the funk was coming from was the heating system. We pulled the cabin filter and blower motor, used the boroscope down all of the vents and again no bodies. The customer had already cleaned out the nest. We proceded to wash down the box with Nature’s Miracle spray, reassembled the unit (minus the cabin filter), and ran a deodorizer through the screened intake vent.

Parking your car with the “recirculate” activated will close the door and keep them out.

Just look out for the one night you forget, you may have some uninvited guests!
Does your car need de-mousing? Call today to make your appointment to have Greasy’s Garage take care of this for you! Alternatively, if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you can get the kit shipped to you for $40 plus shipping.

Be sure to view the gallery  below of the step-by-step installation!

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