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Oil catch can for MINI R56 and Countryman!

Most folks now know that carbon buildup on the valves in the R56 MINIs and Countryman is a real concern. This happens partly because of the direct fuel injection, and partly because of the PCV routing.  While direct injection is great for efficiency, it means that fuel is no longer sprayed through the intake and over the valves keeping them clean.  The PCV (crankcase oil vapor) system is routed back through the intake and causes a carbon buildup on the valves.

Greasy’s Garage now offers a solution to that problem !   Billet Technology oil catch cans. The catch can effectively separates and collects the waste oil, keeping it off of your valves!  Not only is the can a great preventative maintenance item, it’s also an attractive mod under the hood, sure to catch the eye of anyone checking out your MINI.

The Catch Cans fit ’07 and up MINIS, Countryman,Cooper, Cooper S and Clubman models.

Call Greasy’s Garage today to schedule your oil catch can installation!

See the photo gallery below of the oil catch can and installation in a MINI Countryman. Be sure to see the oil collected after 300 miles of driving after the install!

Click each photo for a larger version and description.

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