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New service at Greasy’s – Hybrid battery repair!

A hybrid battery is actually a combination of battery packs wired together. If one of the batteries in the series goes bad, the whole pack is rendered useless, and if you go to a  dealer, they will want to replace the pack as a whole, which turns out to be a huge expense !

If your car is older or has high mileage, it may not be worth the expense to put a new dealer battery pack into the vehicle.
So, what are your options?  Trading the car in ? Junking it ? Sell it privately ?  The issue with all of those options is that the actual function of the vehicle is non-existent with a dead hybrid battery pack, seriously reducing the value of the vehicle.

In the hybrid repair world, the battery packs can be rebuilt from either new cells or cells from a used battery pack. At Greasy’s Garage, we have a solution. We can repair your battery pack for significantly less than you’ll pay at a Dealer.

We’ll remove your existing, dead hybrid battery and have it repaired for you. The most important factor here, while your battery pack is being repaired, YOU CAN DRIVE YOUR VEHICLE. Greasy’s will install a bypass board which enables you to drive the vehicle while your battery is out being repaired!   We realize that you need your vehicle and we can minimize your down time as much as possible!

Here’s a battery removal and bypass board installation at Greasy’s:

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