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Recommended MINI service intervals

Mini Maintenance Services

Mini Coopers have 3 types of service: Oil Change, Inspection 1, and Inspection 2. Your Service interval display located in the center of the speedometer will notify you of which service type you need. Each time the vehicle is started the display will show the mileage until the next service is needed.

If the display is flashing and the mileage is displayed as a negative you have gone past the time of service and are overdue. The services come in this order, Oil change, Service 1, Oil Change, Service 2. repeat. Service 1 is also known as a Minor service and service 2 is also known as a Major service.

Oil Change
This service changes the oil and oil filter. It also includes: inspecting Brakes, Parking Brake, Fluid levels, Tire Condition and Air Pressure. At¬†Greasy’s Garage¬†we also perform a complete under-car inspection along with hoses, belt and lights check, and reset the oil change indicator.

Inspection 1 (Minor service)
Includes services in Oil Change (above) plus: change Interior Ventilation Filter, change Transmission fluid if CVT, add Windshield Washer fluid, check Wipers and Washers, lubricate doors and locks, check Battery condition, Suspension, CV boots, Exhaust System, Manual Transmission fluid level, pressure check Cooling System, and reset Service Indicator and road test for overall performance.

Inspection 2 (Major service)
Includes services from Oil Change and Inspection 1 plus: change Air Filter, Engine Coolant, flush Brake fluid, and mileage. Model dependent add on’s include: Spark Plugs (100K), Belt change (100k cooper 60K S) and Oxygen Sensor (100K).

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